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Beach Hut ‘n Boats

If you think traditional Lavender bags always seem to be a bit boring have a look at our beach huts and seahorses.  These will brighten anyone’s day.

Hang anywhere in the room, or on a coat hanger, or place in a draw, the fragrance of Lavender mmm!

Beach Hut £8.95  10cm x 13cm

Seahorse £11.50  10cm x 23cm


Lavender is known to help with relaxation and sleep. Our lavender bags also keep those pesky moths at bay.  So hang one in the wardrobe or place in the bedroom. These are fun gifts that are light and easy to post.

Select up to 4 colours and we will do our best to match to the nearest lavender bag. Please note that any part of the fabric can be used so no two lavender bags are ever the same.

Beach Hut 'n Boats Lavender Bags with seahorses Beach Hut 'n Boats Lavender Bags with beach huts
“Discover your colour of sunshine”


Lavender Bags


Lavender Bags “The sound of the sea as it draws on the shingle”